January 29 • Awards
Stars behind bars

Journalism can happen anywhere. Even in prison. And now there are the Stillwater Awards.

January 25 • Program News
Fake News, Smart People

The Fake News Game Show goes on the road again. But fake news is either getting predictable, or people are getting smarter. Or both?

October 14 • Program News
Aim, Fire, Report

SPJ taught five journalists how to fire a pistol, shotgun, and AR-15. Want to be number six?

June 15 • Program News
Under Fire

If you're a journalist long enough, you'll cover a story involving gun violence. Why not learn about those weapons so your reporting is more accurate?

April 15 • Chapter News
2023 Grant Winners

Five schools in four cities spread across 400 miles win $50 each.

October 26 • Chapter News
SPJ Florida puts MBA students through press conference during “corporate crisis”

A hurricane has torn through a Caribbean island, nearly destroying an international medical school. How will administrators get the students back home safely?