Apr. 28, 2009  

2009 Sunshine State Awards Update

Sunshine State Awards Logo - newDear Journalist:

We have encountered some unanticipated delays in receiving judging results for several categories in this year’s competition. We hope to be able to release a partial list of finalists this week, with the remainder to follow soon thereafter. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, please mark your calendar for Saturday, May 30, the date of this year’s Sunshine State Awards ceremony. We’re moving to an exciting new venue — the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood — and unveiling a fresh cocktail-party format and condensed awards presentation, all at a substantially lower price of $25.00 per person. More details will follow shortly.

If you have questions, please contact Chapter Administrator Tim Dodson at tim@timdodson.com or 305-756-0735

Best regards,

Tim Dodson

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