May. 25, 2012  

2012 FCPA Award Winners Announced

2012 Florida College Press Association Awards


College Journalist of the Year – finalists are listed in alphabetical order

1. Steven Gallo, University of Florida
2. Gideon Grudo, Florida Atlantic University

All winners are listed with first place first, followed by second and third place, if applicable.

College Newspaper

1. The Current – Ashley Daniels , Max Martinez , Tracy Crow & Staff
2. Spinnaker – Josh Gore, Max Jaeger, Chance Ryan & Greg Parlier
3. The Famuan – The Famuan Staff

College Magazine

1. Journey – Journey Staff
2. The Minaret – Minaret Staff

College News Broadcast

1. The Famuan – Wandoo Makurdi & Kenneth Jones, Ke Nako
2. The Famuan – Lenneia Batiste, FAMU News 20 at Five, Diamond
3. The Famuan – Markia Butler & Leonard Horton, FAMU News 20 at Five, FAMU

College Media Website

1. The Miami Hurricane – Staff
2. Journey – Journey Staff
3. iPulse – iPulse Staff

News Story

1. Spinnaker – Greg Parlier, Textbook legislation attempts to make prices reasonable
2. University Press – Staff, Beneath it all
3. Spinnaker – Matt Head, SG presidential salaries revealed

News Photo

1. The Miami Hurricane – Natalie Edgar, Forum connects students in the 99 percent

Feature Story

1. The Current – Katie Honan, Local youth cautions against Oxycontin addiction
2. The Miami Hurricane – Margaux Herrera, Alumnus travels around the world for living
3. The Gargoyle – Alex Bonus, Despite war, young couple perseveres

Feature Photo

1. iPulse – Brittney Markowski, Cupcakes Get A Makeover
2. The Miami Hurricane – Sagette Van Embden, Local fruits used in pie-eating contest

Sports Story

1. The Miami Hurricane – Christina De Nicola & Ernesto Suarez, Have you seen these girls?
2. The Gargoyle – Mari Pothier, Coach Meyer works to find balance between daughter’s illness and job
3. University Press – Ryan Cortes, Who is Jarvis Givens?

Sports Photo

1. The Current – Ashley Daniels, Heroes’ player slides into 3rd base to help clinch the victory over Canada.
2. The Miami Hurricane – Zach Beeker, Shooting stars
3. The Current – Ethan Cooper, Junior Caroline Bond diving to her left to block a shot during practice.

Sports Column

1. The Miami Hurricane – Austen Gregerson, Time to be frank: Haith achieved nothing
2. Spinnaker – Tim Bee, Storm warning until the season is over

Front Page Design

1. University Press – Gideon Grudo & Tyler Krome, Time for a change
2. Spinnaker – Grecia Valenzuela, Keri Weiland, Everett Sullivan, Bands say Jacksonville’s music scene fosters mostly pitfalls
3. The Current – Staff, The Current Issues 4, 5, 6

Feature Design

1. The Barry Buccaneer – Damian Flores, From Marine Biology to break dancing
Judge’s comment: Clever display. It’s as if we’re watching him dance as we follow the photos around the page.
2. The Miami Hurricane – Mariah Price & Allison Goodman, WVUM’s top 5

Editorial/Opinion Column

1. The Gargoyle – Eliza Jordan, Everyone’s got a story to tell
2. The Miami Hurricane – Staff, Unified voices can bring change
3. The Gargoyle – Amber James, New ads hinting at domestic violence offends the “unoffendable”

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