Aug. 11, 2022  

2022 SPJ Florida College Scholarship Awarded to Genesis Ibarra

In its ongoing mission to support student journalists, SPJ Florida is proud to give its 2022 college scholarship to Genesis Ibarra, a rising freshman at Florida International University.

“As a college freshman and first-generation college student I cannot begin to explain how much this helps,” Ibarra said. “I know my journey as a student journalist has only begun but I am hopeful and excited for the future and the possibilities of what it can bring me!” 

The scholarship committee was impressed that she already had a strong portfolio of work from her time as a production intern at BECON-TV and executive producer for WBTV’s monthly program, “Bobcat Broadcast.” She was also a part of the seven-part podcast series “What Gen Z Has to Say About It.” Upon her graduation from West Broward High School, Ibarra was awarded three student Emmys and received a Legacy Award.

Ibarra shared that her goal is to become a producer for a nightly news show on a major cable network.

“We don’t often award scholarships to rising freshmen, but the committee was unanimous in having Genesis as our top choice from our pool of applicants this year,” said committee chairperson Christiana Lilly. “We’re honored to be able to play a small part in her budding career, and we can’t wait to see her name on cable one day!”

With so many college journalists having to juggle work, school and internships, it’s been a part of SPJ Florida’s programming to include scholarships to help alleviate just a bit of their financial strain. The chapter also has a grant program for high school newsrooms, helping teachers and advisors who are often left to fund their classes on their own.

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