The Society for Professional Journalism defends, educates, and entertains journalists and their readers, viewers, and listeners. Contact us at spjflorida@gmail.com.


President: Michael Koretzky
Vice President: Wesley Wright
Treasurer: Alexandria Mansfield
Secretary: Gillian Manning
Directors: Emily Bloch, Nicole DeCriscio, Andrew Fraieli
Past President: Jason Parsley
Student Director: Mary Rasura


The Miami Herald building in 1946.

The Greater Miami Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi (which is what SPJ called itself until 1973) was founded in 1946. In the mid-’60s, it expanded to include all of South Florida. In 2013, the chapter expanded again, covering the entire state and becoming SPJ Florida.

In 2022, SPJ Florida renamed itself as the Society for Professional Journalism. The change reflects a scary reality: To stay relevant in an era of “fake news,” we need to not only train journalists but also educate their customers. While a similar push to rename SPJ failed nationally, the Society for Professional Journalism has continued its dual mission not only in the state but around the country.

Since SPJ began issuing chapter awards in 1948, the Miami SDX chapter and its successors never won Chapter of the Year. That changed in 2009, when disgruntled members replaced the chapter’s entire board of directors in a single election. It was controversial but productive: We won six Large Chapter of the Year awards in the next decade.

While we obviously focus on the Sunshine State, we conduct programs and defend journalists nationwide. To learn more, email us at  spjflorida@gmail.com.


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