Apr. 28, 2020  

Buy a T-shirt, support local journalism

By Lulu Ramadan, VP of Programs 

SPJ Florida has partnered with West Palm Beach-based Cyan Shores, a custom print shop, to raise money for furloughed or laid off Florida journalists. And this time, supporters get a T-shirt!

The idea originated with Palm Beach Post reader Joseph Russo, who wanted to donate a T-shirt design that would benefit journalists. The tee reads, “Support Local Journalists. Buy them beer.”


“Joe would occasionally run into me and my colleagues at a West Palm Beach pub unwinding after work — hence the beer motto,” said Lulu Ramadan, SPJ Florida’s vice president of programs and Palm Beach Post reporter. “This seemed like a great T-shirt concept and a kind gesture from a reader who wanted to help out-of-work journalists.”

Several journalists in print, digital and television have been laid off or furloughed by companies in the midst of a global pandemic, when readers rely on them to deliver much-needed news. That prompted SPJ Florida to start the Hand Up Fund, which donates up to $100 to those who have been furloughed or laid off.

T-shirt sales will cover the cost of material and labor at Cyan Shores. For every T-shirt sold, the $10 additional proceeds go toward SPJ Florida’s Hand Up Fund.

“I can’t speak for every journalist, but I know my newspaper’s readers value their local reporters’ work and constantly ask if they can buy us a round as thanks. Now, with furloughs, people continue to ask how they can support,” President Emily Bloch said. “This seemed like a non-literal way to let both journalists and members of the general public do something for journalists who are financially impacted right now.”

Visit Cyan Shores’ website to buy your T-shirt.

If you’re not interested in a shirt, but still want to help, you can donate directly to our Hand Up Fund.

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