May 6 • Chapter News | #Florida News | #News About News | #Unions
SPJ Florida condemns Gannett leadership for conflicting information

In a new letter signed by SPJ Florida’s officers and Board of Directors, the chapter unanimously condemns Gannett leadership for resisting efforts to recognize Florida newsroom unions.

March 18 • Chapter News | #Florida News | #News About News | #Scholarships/Grants | #Unions | #We The Journalists
SPJ Florida board speaks out against recent wave of layoffs

On Wednesday evening as reports come flooding in about newsroom layoffs around the state, the Society of Professional Journalists Florida Pro Chapter Board of Directors is once again compelled to condemn newspaper owners in the state of Florida for treating journalists as expendable. 

March 12 • Chapter News | #FOI/First Amendment News | #Unions
SPJ Florida hosts free webinar on newsrooms unionizing

In the middle of covering the coronavirus, journalists from across the country took an hour out to talk about something entirely different: unionizing.

February 26 • Chapter News | #Florida News | #News About News | #Unions
SPJ Florida stands with newsroom unions

In an age where staffs are dwindling but journalists’ responsibilities are growing, Florida is seeing a new burst in newsrooms vying for labor protections.