Oct. 31, 2011  

Chapter Members Elected to National Board Seats at EIJ11

At last month’s Excellence in Journalism 2011 convention in New Orleans, SPJ South Florida Pro President Michael Koretzky was elected to Region 3 director. He now serves chapters in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.


 Student member Gideon Grudo, Editor-in-Chief of the University Press at Florida Atlantic University, was elected to one of two Campus Representative positions. He now represents students and student chapters nationwide.



Important News From EIJ11

Last month, chapter delegates voted to increase member dues. For professional members, the annual fee is now $75, with post-graduates and students paying $37.50. The increase will take effect Jan. 1, 2012. Read more about the increase here.

Delegates also voted in favor of “One Member, One Vote,” which allows each chapter member to elect national and regional board members. This will replace the current system, in which chapter delegates are sent to elect board members on behalf of the members. Chapter delegates will still vote on legislation, such as resolutions and bylaw amendments. Click here to read more about the new system.

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