Apr. 5, 2016  

Check out our new Jobs page!

jobs1Our jobs section is one of the most-viewed pages on the SPJ Florida website, so it should come as no surprise that we wanted to make the experience even better for employers and job seekers alike.

This new layout makes it easier for employers to post job openings and job seekers to find a job that best fits their media type. Whether you’re looking for full-time or freelance, writing or social media, you can now find the best job for you — posting and searching are still free! Start browsing now.

We’ve spent the last few months gutting and renovating our jobs page (sort of like every home makeover show you secretly binge watch). We took out the long one-page results that had a mixed bag of job openings and replaced it with an easy listing where results open in their own page. With unique links and sharing, you can email the posting to a friend or post to social media.

Our biggest issue with our previous layout was that there was no way of knowing when a posting had been filled. It left many of our viewers clicking through to dead links or applying, only to find out later the position was no longer open. This was mostly because we accepted email-only submissions and posted them ourselves when we had time.

The new setup allows employers to post an opening in less than a minute — and still for free — and the posting is pending until approved by an SPJ Florida board member, usually within a day or so. This is to avoid spam and postings that are not relevant to the media community at large.

While you may see only a few openings now, that’s because we’ve gone through all our old postings and deleted anything that didn’t have an active opening. All job openings are now accepted through the new form. After a month, the posting expires. If you still have an opening after that time, you can re-submit the job posting.

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