Apr. 16, 2020  

Contribute to The Florida Furlough Chronicles

Exactly half of our board has been laid off or faces a furlough in the next few months because of the coronavirus’ economic impact on the media industry.

Of course, we’re frustrated. Our conversations with each other these days are typically about time-sensitive stories we can’t write because we’re either furloughed or about to be furloughed. These hits are creating troublesome news deserts.

So we had an idea.

We want to show readers — and publishers — what a world with less journalists could look like. The Florida Furlough Chronicles will be a digital publication, compiling all the story ideas that couldn’t go anywhere because reporters were out of work.

Through this Google Form (embedded below, too!), we’re asking Florida-based journalists to tell us how they’re feeling and about the stories that could have been. The anonymous responses will be compiled and published at a future date.

And remember, if you’re financially struggling because of a furlough or layoff, we have a grant for that.

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  • Gary White says:

    It is terribly frustrating that leaders of the largest newspaper company in the nation reflexively choose to reduce news coverage as a first measure in reacting to financial pressures during one of the most important ongoing news stories in the careers of its reporters. Readers are relying on us more than ever to supply crucial information, yet we are hamstrung by corporate decisions (and, of course, suffering financially from the furloughs).

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