Are you ready to record video from up to 400 feet for your next news project?

You could spend the research time and money to buy one — about $1,000 for reliable high-definition video. You’ll also need to register it with the FAA, invest in dozens of hours to train or hire a commercially licensed pilot and spend at least another $150 to take the FAA’s test.

OR you could rent our drone for $50 an hour. (SPJ Florida members get a discount — just ask.) We’ll throw in the pilot for free. The money goes to support our other initiatives to train and protect journalists and inform the public about what we do and why (programs like Muslimedia and The Fake News Game Show.)

You can even legally fly yourself, under our FAA-licensed pilot’s supervision. Or you can have him shoot what you need and we’ll deliver the raw video to you. He’s been flying for two years and has taught sessions on drone flying, safety, and law in seven states.

Click here to contact us, tell us what you need, and reserve some time with Dr. One (yes, we named it) today.