Saul Martinez, photography editor at Dunedin High School

Dec. 14, 2021  

Dunedin High School program expands with SPJ Florida grant

Dunedin High School, one of the winners of the 2021 High School Newsroom Grant, updated SPJ Florida with news of how it was able to expand its newspaper/yearbook program thanks to the $500 grant it received at the beginning of the year.

Roseann Kuerzi, who teaches English and journalism, shared that her class was able to repair three cameras, allowing them to have five usable cameras. They also purchased new batteries, chargers, SD cards, and a used 300mm lens.

“It is fabulous and the kids LOVE using it,” she wrote about the lens. “We went from averaging 4,500 pictures for the newspaper/yearbook to (before end of first semester) over 6,500 photos and still have a semester to go!!!”

Because the staff is better equipped, Kuerzi also noted that enrollment has capped out at 50 students, up from 28 the previous school year.

“I have kids begging to get in to be on the newspaper and photography department in both the newspaper and yearbook,” she wrote. “We just wanted to say thank you, you have made the spark return to our kids.”

Saul Martinez, photography editor at Dunedin High School

Since 2018, SPJ Florida has awarded grants to high school newsrooms in need around the state. With its emphasis on student journalism, the Scholarship Committee works to better the journalism experience for students with its grant and scholarship programs.

Our 2022 High School Newsroom Grant application is still open! Apply by Jan. 14, 2022.

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