Mar. 20, 2019  

SPJ Florida Helps Elementary Schoolers Publish a Magazine

When a retired software executive wanted to teach journalism to elementary students in Vero Beach, he turned to SPJ Florida. The results got national SPJ attention.

(See “How to give kids a free hit of journalism“)

SPJ was so impressed with the Florida project that it’s contemplating how to duplicate it nationwide. That pleases SPJ Florida president Christiana Lilly.

“Whether these kids at the Glendale Youth Authors’ Magazine become journalists or not, we hope we can be a part of building an appreciation for the field, media literacy, and the First Amendment,” Lilly says.

“At SPJ Florida, we believe  fostering a love of journalism starts young – not just in college or even high school. We’ve proudly taken part in conferences and seminars that reach out to college, high school and even middle school journalists for years, but when the opportunity came to help budding journalists in elementary school, we were excited to be a part of it.”

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