Jun. 10, 2011  

2011 Florida College Press Awards: The Winners

SPJ South Florida partnered with the Florida College Press Association to present the 2011 FCPA Awards, the “Student Division” of the Sunshine State awards. And the winners are…

College Journalist of the Year

• First Place: Rebekah Shepherd – University of Florida
• Second Place: Karla Bowsher – Florida Atlantic University
• Third Place: Joshua Napier – The University of Tampa

Best College Newspaper

• First Place: The Current – Petra Stevenson, Tracy Crow, Max Martinez, Staff, The Current, Issues2, 3, and 4 from Fall 2010
• Second Place: The Miami Hurricane – Staff, The Miami Hurricane
• Third Place: The Minaret – Editor: Alex Vera, Assistant Editor: Mike Trobiano, The Minaret Staff,The Minaret

Best College Magazine

• First Place: The Famuan – Journey Magazine, Journey Magazine

Best College Media Website

• First Place: I-Pulse – iPulse Staff, iPulse Web site
• Second Place: The Minaret – Alex Vera, Yara Abbas, The Minaret Online
• Third Place: Spinnaker – Ian Albahae, UNF Spinnaker website

Best News Story

• First Place: University Press – Monica Ruiz, Sifting through the haze: SigEp is suspended for ayear, but they may not be the only ones to haze
• Second Place: The Gargoyle – Cal Colgan, Homeless count finds lackluster living conditions
• Third Place: I-Pulse – Arianna Shaffer, Model Student United Nations

Best News Photo

• First Place: Spinnaker – Erik Tanner, Louisiana fishermen flop due to BP’s careless job dissipation
• Second Place: The Current – William Skinner, Spectators perch in trees to view Stewart/Colbertrally Oct. 30.
• Third Place: Spinnaker – Erik Tanner, Photo of the Week

Best Feature Story

• First Place: The Current – Jaclyn New, Lesson from Nairobi: Smiles lost in translation
• Second Place: I-Pulse – Jennifer Rodrigues, Choosing to Spend a Day Sans Shoes
• Third Place: The Gargoyle – Cal Colgan, Former Flagler student talks about Marine life inAfghanistan

Best Feature Photo

• First Place: Spinnaker – Erik Tanner, Parkour
• Second Place: I-Pulse – Zack Caplan, Traveling With Birthright
•Third Place: The Minaret – Samantha Battersby, Spring Dance Concert

Best Sports Story

• First Place: The Miami Hurricane – Christina De Nicola, He’s back
• Second Place: University Press – Franco Panizo, Big kid at heart: Running back’s off-fieldpersonality a big part of on-field success
• Third Place: The Current – Kirsten Sengstacke, After Division II: playing pro basketball overseas

Best Sports Photo

• First Place: The Miami Hurricane – Lindsay Brown, The start of a new era
• Second Place: The Famuan – Keenan Doanes, Post inconsistencies lead to hard loss
• Third Place: I-Pulse – Jade Adams, Riding the Wake of Excellence

Best Front Page Design

• First Place: The Famuan – Jeffrey Morris, Front Page
• Second Place: Spinnaker – Chad Smith, B.O.B.
• Third Place: The Current – Ashli Fiorini, Cover of Issue 3 (Oct. 15, 2010): “Welcome to Facebook.”

Best Editorial/Opinion Column

• First Place: The Current – Jeralyn Darling, Tampa Tribune article rankles EC community
• Second Place: The Current – Aaron Coder, Ground zero mosque debate rages• Third Place: The Current – Petra Stevenson, Impending extinction? Has the age of the yellow bikecome to an end?

More on the 17th annual Sunshine State Awards competition…

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