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Gabriel K Tyner

About me: What I cover and what I do

Gabriel Tyner is an independent producer and director based in Orlando. In 2007, he worked as a director and producer at TV20 in Gainesville Florida. Not satisfied with the film scene there, he then took a job with Fox News in Orlando. While in Orlando, Gabriel started using his storytelling skills to make documentaries. He eventually moved down to South Florida where he joined the board of directors for the Society of Professional Journalists and started working with Eye on South Florida news. At Eye on South Florida, Gabriel was given free range on the stories he wanted to tell and by using several types of cameras, he developed his own style of filmmaking. He even directed his own cooking show for the CW. Recently, Gabriel has gotten serious about narrative storytelling and has even gotten his short “The Fallen: The Curse of Adam and Eve” on PBS. Finally, he is working on his first feature film, a faith based production called “Man Eater,” by making a short version called “Private Possession.”

Website: http://www.gabrieltyner.com
Email: talktogabriel@gmail.com
Location: Orlando
Specialties: Video, testimonials, film, photography, reporting, documentaries,