May. 20, 2014  

Hacks/Hackers International “La Ruta del Dinero/Follow the Money” Hack Day

Hacks Hackers Miami, an organization devoted to mashing up journalists, coders and designers, will be joining nearly a dozen other Hacks Hackers chapters from across Latin America for the first-ever Regional Hack Day on the topic “La Ruta del Dinero,” or “Follow the Money.” The event will take place simultaneously, on Saturday, June 7th, in ten Latin American cities with the goal of promoting government transparency, efficiency of public budgets, and citizen participation. The Regional Hack Day is supported by the International Center For Journalists, Knight Foundation, Knight Mozilla Open News, and the World Bank Institute.
The goal of the Regional Hack Day is not to create finished, polished projects or market-ready apps, but:
  • To create a space for journalists, coders, and designers to get together, network, and explore the routes of public budgets in Latin America (that more often than not pass through Miami) and in Miami itself.
  • To impact newsrooms and stimulate the creation of interactive news teams.
  • To promote the HacksLabs challenge,  a $100,000 data journalism accelerator fund for journalism projects in Latin America.
  • To continue and grow the conversation about journalism, political and social development in Latin America and its connections to Miami through Spanish-language media organizations and events like Chicas Poderosas.
We expect the following outcomes of June 7th:
  • 20 to 30 people in attendance.
  • Collaboration among people who wouldn’t have worked together in other circumstances.
  • Experimentation with new tools, technologies and datasets.
  • Positioning Univision and Hack/Hackers Miami as innovators and activists in data journalism and civic participation in Miami, and as supporters of Latin American journalists by participating in a first-of-a-kind pan-American event.
  • Venue – sponsored by Univision
  • Food – sponsored by a sponsor who Hacks Hackers Miami will find
  • Staff – Volunteers from Miami’s tech and media community, Hacks Hackers and Univision

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