May. 10, 2011  

Hey SPJ chapters: virtually perfect meetings!

Down here in South Florida, our board members live and work up to two hours apart.

So board meetings can be a royal commuting pain in the butt.

Conference calls don’t work much better – 13 journalists on the phone all talking over each other. So we recently tried something brand-new…

GoToWebinar is a super-sized version of GoToMeeting, which maybe you’ve used before (or at least heard about).

We used GoToWebinar to host a board meeting that had a lot of items to vote on. It was easy, because the online software easily logs and records any polls you conduct.

This may sound like an advertisement, but trust us, we’re not getting compensated. In fact, we’re paying $90 for a month of GoToWebinar – and we want to offer it to you for free.

That’s right, SPJers. Run a board meeting of your own using GoToWebinar, and it costs you nothing. As skeptical journalists, you’re probably muttering, “OK, what’s the catch?”

Because of course there’s a catch.

If we get 9-10 chapters interested in holding occasional meetings with GoToWebinar, we’re gonna lobby SPJ headquarters to sign up for a year (at a deep discount we negotiated). HQ can pay itself back by charging $10 per meeting for the privilege – a heck of a lot cheaper than buying pretzels and cola at a regular face-to-face board meeting.

What do you think? Email SPJ South Florida president Michael Koretzky with questions or to take advantage of this amazing free offer. Act now!

If enough chapters are interested, we’ll actually meet using GoToWebinar – so you can see just how it works.


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