How the law defends your photos…

The Right to Photograph & Record in Public

Saturday, May 7: a free event with free food and a special beer

Mickey H. Osterreicher is general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association. That doesn’t accurately describe him, though. This does…

Five photojournalists sue NYPD over ‘assaults’ and ‘arrests’ during Black Lives Matter protests

Osterreicher was one of the lead attorneys on this lawsuit last summer. But the former reporter and photographer prefers to train cops rather than sue them. That’s why he’s spoken to police unions at Harvard Law and travels the country visiting with police brass. In May, Osterreicher will be in Miami-Dade County training police there.

On May 7 at 2 p.m., he’ll detour to 26 Degree Brewing Company in Pompano Beach, where he’ll emphasize your rights and answer your questions.

Question like: Can police seize your camera? Can they demand to view your images? Can they order those images deleted?

Osterreicher will also answer any photo-related questions you have – whether you’re a journalist or not. You can submit your questions ahead of time to Jason Parsley.

You might be asking one other question: Why is such an esteemed attorney speaking in a craft brewery? That answer is simple: It’s a prelude to the release of Beer For Bombs. This Ukrainian beer recipe is being brewed stateside because the brewery has converted its bottling into Molotv cocktails.

Those who attend Osterreicher’s event will be able to taste the beer ahead of the release party an hour later. For questions about Public Images: The Right to Photograph & Record in Public, email

Public Images: The Right to Photograph & Record in Public

When: 2-4 p.m. Saturday, May 7
Where: 26 Degrees Brewing Company, 2600 East Atlantic Ave., Pompano Beach
Cost: Free, with free appetizers and discounted beer