Isabel Paillere

Jul. 19, 2019  

Isabel Paillere Wins 2019 Molly Turner Broadcast Scholarship

Isabel Paillere

In its third year, the Molly Turner Broadcast Scholarship was awarded to Isabel Paillere, a telecommunications student at the University of Florida.

The scholarship was created in 2017 to encourage women to pursue careers in broadcast journalism and is funded by the family of Molly Turner, who passed away in 2016.

“I hope to impact the newsroom by setting the equality standard for men and women; I hope to aid in crafting a positive space for collaboration and creation between the sexes,” Paillere wrote in her application.

Before attending school at the University of Florida, Paillere earned her AA as a dual enrollment student at Miami-Dade Community College in 2018. Paillere has been active both in school and with her extracurricular activities, participating in a number of committees and clubs. Her goal is to become a health resporter, and she worked as a front-desk associate at Homestead Baptist Hospital for two years. At UF, she is a part of the WUFT “Afternoon News in 90” team.

“In her essay, Isabel said that she wanted to ‘craft a positive space for collaboration and creation in the newsroom,'” said Lyle Landon, the daughter of Turner. “Furthermore, her goal of becoming a health reporter⁠—especially a female health reporter⁠—is sorely needed. With her journalism training, STEM and arts background, and hospital volunteer experience, she is well equipped to attain her personal goal, which also will educate and inform the public.”

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