Summer Data Journalism Intern

Palm Beach Post (Intern)

The Post’s coverage area boasts splendid weather, extensive corruption and limited levels of cannibalism.

To highlight just one area of reporting: We’ve told the life stories of 216 people who died of heroin-related overdoses; put the first-ever number on the cost to the state for opioids; and brought a law-enforcement focus to a sober home operator who was turning his patients into prostitutes and screwed their windows shut so they couldn’t escape.

But, you might say, every place has opioid problems now.

The Palm Beach Post can offer opportunities not found in more ordinary places. We had a a city council member get jailed before his city even existed. Here, an alligator was stuffed through a Wendy’s drive-thru window. A past data intern learned some machete fighting skills with my daughter. Omaha might be a fine place to intern, but the number of machete-involved crimes will be far, far, lower than you’d get at The Palm Beach Post.


Location: WEST PALM BEACH, Florida

Apply here:

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