NBCUniversal (Full Time)

Responsibilities The writer will work with VP’s focusing in the development of all potential projects for TIS.

The TIS Writer is responsible for reading Script and projects submitted to review, writing stories, editing and or adjust scripts already written for TIS productions.

The writer will review each story and will generate propose ideas and solutions to improve the storytelling in each case.

The Writer is responsible for being creative and thorough when choosing story elements that enhance the edited version of the story being told.

The writer is responsible for working on the development of new projects and also the ones are already green lighted. Also is in charge of analyze potential new projects.

Assist producers daily focusing on writing complete summaries of the new projects, synopsis, plots, stories, demos, trailers, etc. as assigned by producers.

Participate in the pre-development and developing committee meetings.

Work in creative presentations and pitches for all potential business partners meetings.

Collaborate with other screenwriters in order to develop new projects.


Write professionally in Spanish and be fluent in English.

Have some knowledge of the Us-Hispanic audience.

Have some experience in fictional series preferably in short formats

Have some knowledge of Latino America’s way of life.


Location: Coral Gables, Florida

Apply here:

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