Apr. 23, 2008  

Journalists, Editors Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean

“Reporting On and From Latin America,” a workshop sponsored by Florida International University’s Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC), will be held May 2 at the Biscayne Marriott Hotel. The workshop attracts journalists, editors, policy-makers and scholars from throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe.

Sessions will focus on reporting under fire and battling against censorship, Spanish-speaking media in the U.S., and the impact of new media on the profession. Speakers include Paulo Sotero from the Woodrow Wilson Center, Arturo Guerrero from Medios para la Paz and the Premio Nacional de Periodismo, Daniel Rosas from Reporters without Borders, and award-winning authors, journalists and scholars, Andrei Codrescu and Mirta Ojito. They will be joined by journalists from Univisión, El Nuevo Herald, La Opinión, and Agencia EFE, among others.



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