Jun. 4, 2018  

Board President Shares How Job Loss Lead to Freelancing in Panel

Christiana Lilly

Christiana Lilly

Layoffs seem to be the unfortunate new norm in journalism, and Chicas Ponderosas Miami hosted a day of discussion, self care, and networking surrounding this topic at the Ironside in Miami on June 2.

After multiple members were laid off from a local newsrooms, the group organized three panels surrounding people who got journalism jobs after being laid, those who went the freelance route, and those who decided to change professions. Guests were also able to participate in a 10-minute yoga session as well as writing their form of self care on Post-it notes to be added to a growing wall of ideas.

Christiana Lilly, the president of SPJ Florida, participated in the panel on freelancing after losing your job. When she found herself unemployed in 2013, she picked up a few gigs figuring it would hold her over until she got a full-time job. Instead, she found up be a freelancer for three years until one contract turned into a full-time position.

“I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to just leave a paying job to go the freelance route, but I’m glad I got forced into it,” Lilly said. “In the five years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve made some amazing connections and learned what it takes to be a business owner.”

SPJ Florida was proud to be a part of Chicas Ponderosas Miami’s event on such a timely topic and hopes to partner with the group for a future workshop or event.

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