Aug. 23, 2016  

Minutes from Aug. 17 2016


SPJ Florida Board of Directors Meeting
7 p.m. | Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016
Panera Bread | Boca Raton

Dori Zinn, president

Christiana Lilly, executive vice president

Jason Parsley, membership vice president

Kathleen Devaney, programs vice president

Christopher Persaud, treasurer

Abbi Perry, secretary

Brandon Ballenger, immediate past president absent

Michele Boyet, director absent

Aurora Dominguez, director absent

Brendon Lies, director

Scott Salomon, director absent

Dina Weinstein, director absent

Emily Bloch, student member


Michael Koretzky, Region 3 Director


  1. Approve last meeting’s minutes — Dori made a motion, Abbi second. All in favor (8/19 vote)
  2. Committee updates
    • Membership (Jason)
      No new updates.
    • Sunshine State Awards (Jason)
      Awards were a huge success with NAHJ, about 100 attendees. Slack Jason up if you would like to help out with next year’s Awards.
  • Scholarships (Christiana) Winner Cassidy Alexander from the University of North Florida. We had 27 applicants from around the state, including schools who have never applied before, so our committee did an awesome job with outreach this year. We’re going on break until early next year, but in the meantime, if anyone is interested in joining the committee please let me know. I only anticipate this program to grow so we will need more help here on out!
    High school Journalism Grant: We threw around this idea last year in hopes of helping high school media outlets and/or classes with some financial help, somewhere in the park of $500. We weren’t able to get this program up and running so we need some help to launch this year. Anyone interested? Let Christiana and/or Dori know.
  • Programming (Kathleen) Diversity mixer with South Florida Black Journalists and NLGJA is being planned for mid-October. SFBJ says they can contribute $100.
    • Student Affairs (Emily) New Voices: Anyone want to spearhead this? Let Dori know.
      FSPA: It’s Oct. 22 at Nova Southeastern University. Check Slack for link on how to register as a presenter.
    • Drone (Brandon)
      Drone tour begins this fall. $1,500 has been deposited in account for tour.
  • Finance/Current financials (Chris) — 2016-2017 budget; CD/investment for chapter money. Last fiscal year income is $32,000. Since we are not doing Forging the Future anymore, that will save us money and keep us out of a deficit. We are also doubling the Scholarship budget. Dori makes a motion to approve the budget. Chris seconds it. All in favor; no opposes. Passes.


Koretzky Time

  • Sunshine State software

Asking for $1,750 for awards system we use for yearly renewal. We used this system last year and it will continue to allow a much better user experience for submissions and backend administration. Dori makes a motion to approve $1,750; Christiana seconds it. All in favor; no opposes. Passes. Sidenote: Koretzky will looking into cost savings for a three year plan in conjunction with Region 3’s Green Eyeshades Awards.

  • MusliMedia

Hoping to organize simultaneous events with other chapters around the country to go into mosques and talk/train journalists about covering Muslims. Thinking about doing it in the mosque in Palm Beach County that was once a voting site but taken away. Koretzky will work with Kathleen in organizing. Paradise is a good contact to reach out to (Christiana has contact). Looking to host this event before the election. Asking for $500 for food. Dori makes a motion to approve $500; Emily seconds it. All in favor; no opposes. Passes.


EIJ16 — Dori
National board: Jason Parsley is running for at-large director, Chris Delboni for campus adviser, Emily Bloch running for student representative. Would like to vote on endorsement on all Florida candidates. Dori makes a motion to endorse this slate; Chris seconds it. Abbi, Brendon, Kathleen, Chris, Emily, Dori in favor; Jason abstains. Passes.  

  • Sessions: Jason (trans session), Brandon (Drone session), Dori, and Christiana (gun control session) are presenting at national convention. Koretzky suggests creating a logo for the sessions to showcase all from the same chapter/group. See EIJ16 Slack for more info.
  • Committees: Dori is now chair of national Diversity committee. SPJ Diversity blog now up. In the future, Koretzky suggests adding original art to a blog to give it more sense of authority. Brendon can help with the graphics.
  • Events: Emily wants to host a Speed Scrabble at the opening mixer/event at EIJ16 as an ice breaker. This will help SPJ Refresh as a platform. Group is fine with putting our SPJ Florida stamp/logo on it and donating two $10 Starbucks gift cards for the winner (s).

Congratulations to Jason on receiving Outstanding Member for a Large Pro Chapter.

Congratulations to Christiana on receiving the Diversity scholarship to attend EIJ16.

Congratulations to Dori for being appointed Chair of national Diversity committee.

Dori makes a motion to end the meeting; Brendon seconds it. All in favor; no opposes. Passes.

Minutes will be voted on at an upcoming SPJ Florida board meeting.

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