Mar. 20, 2014  

Minutes from January 15, 2014

SPJ Florida Pro Board Meeting
Jan. 15, 2014 – 7:30 p.m.
Panera Bread | 1461 Southeast 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale


Present: Jason Parsley, Brandon Ballenger, Dori Zinn, Chris Persaud, Andrea Richard, Gabriel Tyner, Betty Wells, John MacDonald, Dina Weinstein, Dylan Bouscher, Christiana Lilly

Not here: Sergio Nahuel, Michele Boyet

Resigned: Gideon Grudo and Lynn Walsh

Approve October minutes: Minutes unanimously approved

Approve this year’s budget: Budget unanimously approved

Vote on SPJ name change: In favor unanimously

Renew our subscription to the First Amendment Foundation: Passed, budget already approved, $300 cost.

Death Race: Approved unanimously to increase funding to $500. Add a crime scene, followed by obit? Any local celebrities that could participate?

Update on our financials and budget: The chapter’s total assets are $62,762.03. Koretzky’s Region 3 money in the chapter’s checking account, balance is $2,876.50.

Membership numbers update: 110 members currently, we are down about 20 from last year. After adding in expansion we should break even. Dina suggests a membership drive online and to encourage more people to join at events. Jason asks if we can make more enticing brochures for local? Will talk to Sergio about a monthly campaign online.

New board members: Appoint John McDonald and Betty Wells to the board, pass.

National SPJ grant application: Motion to give Dina permission to apply for national SPJ grant — pass. We did not receive grant, can reapply in February.

Logo and website update: We have! Have two new logos. Still working out redirecting but ready to share with others. Facebook and Twitter has been changed.

Will Write For Food update: One person has already signed up, deadline is June 1. Encourage college students (as of Labor Day) to get on board. Advisers are welcome to come by to help. Got $500 from NAHJ.

Immoral News: We are co-sponsors.

Vacancies: Lynn resigned from board – need a new vice president of programs.

Sunshine State Awards: Website will launch tonight or tomorrow morning, will send code to Dori to add to our own website. Everyone should retweet Jason’s massive Twitter campaign #ssa14 (maybe). Partnering with NAHJ. Including US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to join.

Updates on programming:

– Leela Corman, possibly at Art Center of South Florida in Lincoln Road on May 3. Betsy Hotel will comp her while she’s in town. Would like $200 to comp her gas and food.

– Word Camp is May 9 to 11, SPJ members would get a discount, would like to have one or two seminars that would directed at journalists on WordPress.

– Can reapply for grant for Radio Boot Camp in February to help offset costs. What about adding a panel of South Florida radio people.

SPJ Scholarship Committee: Two launched, one for students and one for professionals. Spread the word! You do not have to be a member to apply. Christiana Lilly will join committee with Lynn Walsh.

Joe Hosey update: Jason approved $300 to help out the troubled journalist. No update.

Black Shade Awards: Update on the Black Shade awards. Lynn said she’d still like to be in charge of it from Ohio.

FSPA: No update.

Diversity mixer: Will be held in April/May. Approved, perhaps move to another month because so much planned in May so far.

Q&As and Shine On start back in February: If anyone wants to do Q&A, reach out. Brings clicks to our site.

SFMJ Update: No updates.


These minutes were approved at the March 31 SPJ Florida board meeting.

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