Jan. 13, 2020  

Minutes from Nov. 19, 2019 Meeting

SPJ Florida Board of Directors Meeting

Nov. 19, 2019 | 7 p.m.

Main: Florida Atlantic University | Boca Raton

Secondary: The Florida Times-Union | Jacksonville





Emily Bloch, president (Jax)

Cassidy Alexander, vice president (Jax)

Lulu Ramadan, VP of programming 

Michele Boyet, VP of membership (remote, LEFT EARLY unexcused)

Brendon Lies, secretary (absent)

Christopher Persaud, treasurer (absent)

Christiana Lilly, past president


Richard Gaspar (remote, LEFT EARLY unexcused)

Lindsey Kilbride (Jax)

Hannah Lee (Jax)

Carina Mask 

Suzette Speaks (remote)

Kristen Grau, student rep 



  • Guests
  • Michael Koretzky, Region 3 (remote)








Cassidy makes motion, seconded by Lulu, motion passes







  • Programming already scheduled or in the works 


    • Holiday Mixer (Christiana) 
      • Dec. 12 from 7-11 p.m. at Balcony in Las Olas, teaming up with our friends at NAHJ, NAHJ, ONA etc. If you’re in South Florida please come!
      • We are contributing $100 to the event (each chapter putting in that amount)
    • News Swap (Koretzky)
      • Being moved to next semester because “UP did too good of a job” of covering student government
      • Kristen: been difficult to plan because we want to have administration, student government etc to take part in it.
    • West Palm Beach County Library programming with FNGS and Order in the Court
    • Journalists Against Humanity (Emily)
      • Emily: Deck of cards have been printed, more geared towards Florida content but can be shared out of state
      • Christiana: Maybe at the mixer we can have a table for people to play some rounds (last year’s mixer people submitted their ideas!)
      • Get decks from K
      • Lulu: Can host a game night with F*ck Words With Friends, Journalists Against Humanity. Maybe at Book Cellar again?
      • Can try and host an event in December in Jacksonville
    • FNGS is in high demand! Lulu needs volunteers for the ones that are coming up. Please reach out to her on Slack if you’re interested.
      • FNGS @ Women’s Center in Boynton Beach (Feb 2020) (Lulu) 
        • Weekend event at a gated, 55+ community
      • FNGS @ South Broward HS in Hollywood (2020)
        • Weekday event during the day 
      • FSPA Orlando (Kristen) 
        • April 23-25 at statewide convention
        • Will look at which day will work best for schedules to confirm
    • Koretzky’s Under Fire event gun event (Koretzky)
      • Early next year!
      • Lulu: IRE did an entire issue on covering guns, maybe we can partner with them if there’s a local chapter?
      • Lindsey went to a session by Al Thompkins from Poynter at a conference covering the same information, too. 
    • Loan-A-Drone/Drone Tour (Carina)
      • Carina: Still need an iPad, useless as of 11/1. Everything else is communicating, though.
      • Emily: let’s try it with a working iPad to confirm there’s nothing else going wrong. Then from there we can figure out next steps.
      • After update we can decide on dates






  • Programming ideas


      • Unionizing Webinar (Emily/all)
        • We found out we got a grant for $250 for the webinar
        • One month with Zoom is only $55
        • Emily: I want to feature someone who has been a part of a unionizing movement in their newsroom successfully, maybe a lawyer, union reps to share their experience. Maybe find someone who is anti union?
        • Lulu: Emphasize that you can participate anonymously (some people who are not in a union might feel uncomfortable speaking up)
        • Suzette can moderate


  • Art Decider for Fake News (Cassidy)


      • Freelance Fair needs to come back!
        • Information for students on internships
        • Resume critiques
      • Provide newsrooms with money for people to have coffee with EIC (Cassidy)
        • Lulu: Continuing to facilitate that conversation with nonjournalists 
        • Cassidy: Great for small papers, it’s a big deal in smaller communities
      • TV safety (Hannah)
        • Suzette can get some people
      • Internship 101
        • Lindsey: A lot of interns don’t know how to pitch stories or where to get ideas
        • Cassidy: Also the public might think something is a story but it’s not. PR people!


  • Photography workshop?


        • Carina: NPPA does events, workshops about food and drink photography, Nat Geo fellow, lighting for portraiture, natural disasters, 
        • Can expand to natural disaster coverage, morality and knowing the boundaries as well as what you need to do to prepare before coverage
        • Emily: A lot of newsrooms don’t have many staff photographers–want to educate reporters on how to do photos, but don’t want to take the work away from professional photographers
        • Need to talk to more photogs to see what topics would interest them
        • Carina: Also environmental reporting ie. Red Tide, Big Sugar


  • Podcasting 101 (Lindsey)
  • Lindsey: Show students how they can successfully do this on their own, go from a journalism perspective.
  • Show how you can do this with your own equipment 
  • Emily: Maybe we can have it like Death Race, send students out to do their own podcast to create by the end of the session? Have it as a half-day workshop 
  • Do a test run up in Jacksonville and then work to expand.
  • Election-related stuff? 


      • For social media: Florida election coverage bingo board 
      • Post-election we survived mixer with board games and beer and absolutely no pizza 
      • Something in advance of the height of the season on tips/tricks/tech to make local election reporting better?


  • Conferences
  • ACP. Feb. 27-29 in San Francisco. Koretzky can pay for a hotel room if the chapter can cover the costs. (Flights from FTL ~$300, from JAX ~$450


      • Motion passes for up to $900 to send Emily and Michele
    • FSPA. April 23-25 in Orlando. (~$50 in gas, tops) 
      • Motion passes for up to $150 to send Kristen to FSPA







  • OpenWater contract update (Christiana, Chris)
  • Going over finances to make sure everything is squared away between Florida chapter and SPJ Region 3

  • Are you on a committee?


    • If not, go on Slack and see what interests you!


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