Nov. 13, 2016  

Minutes from Nov. 10, 2016

Meeting Minutes

SPJ Florida Board of Directors Meeting
7 p.m. | Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016
FAU | Boca Raton


Dori Zinn, president

Christiana Lilly, executive vice president

Jason Parsley, membership vice president

Kathleen Devaney, programs vice president

Christopher Persaud, treasurer

Abbi Perry, secretary

Brandon Ballenger, immediate past president 

Michele Boyet, director 

Aurora Dominguez, director 

Brendon Lies, director

Scott Salomon, director absent

Dina Weinstein, director absent

Emily Bloch, student member


Michael Koretzky, Region 3 Director


    1. Approve last meeting’s minutes — Brandon made a motion, Michele second. All in favor; no opposes. Passes.
    2. Committee updates
      1. Membership (Jason)
      2. Sunshine State Awards (Jason) – We can take advantage of cost savings if we renew the contest management software used for submitting entries and judging in the Sunshine State Awards if we commit to two years. Christiana makes a motion to approve up to $3,800 to lock in a two year contract for CMS; Aurora seconds; All in favor; no opposes.
      3. Scholarships (Christiana) – Launches in February. If you are interested in outreach, reach out to Christiana. Also we want to start other scholarships and grants! Please talk to us about what you’d like to see.
      4. Programming (Kathleen)Oct. Diversity Mixer – We invited several local journalism organizations to mix and mingle. Received constructive feedback for next time: have a table of information so newcomers can easily find us. Next mixer is a holiday one hosted by ONA on Dec 8 at ROKBRGR in Hallandale (SPJ put in $100 towards food and trip). Upcoming event: Muslimedia, Nov. 20 – promote on Facebook!
        CMA/Region 3 conference (Koretzky, Emily, Brandon) – Was held in Atlanta. College Media Association hosted Fall National College Media Convention in Atlantic. Emily went and hosted the following sessions:  Zombie Stories (interview skills), First Amendment (great turnout, over 10% of conference popular attended); and Covering Music Festivals. Next conference is in March in NYC, October in Dallas. Koretzky said CMA is going to give us a room for SPJ Florida so start thinking of what we would like to host.  
        FSPA District 7 (Christiana, Dori, Kathleen, Koretzky) – Not a great turnout like last year. There was a lot of miscommunication and and disorganization. New sessions was hosted by Kathleen on how to use smartphones to take photos for yearbooks, etc.
        EIJ Convention – SPJ Florida won chapter of the year. This makes us three time champs! Jason won member of the year! Christiana went as a Diversity Fellow. We hosted three sessions; drone journalism (Brandon); covering the trans community (Jason) and mass shooters in the media (Dori and Christiana). All sessions were very successful. We utilized Facebook Live feature for two of the sessions.
        Upcoming: Muslimedia (Nov. 20), December Diversity Mixer with ONA Thursday Dec. 8 at Rok:Brgr in Hallendale.
      5. Student Affairs (Emily) Contact Spreadsheet: More contacts for colleges and universities around the state for outreach, scholarship promotions, etc.
      6. Drone (Brandon) Drone tour! Budget of $3,000 – Brandon only spent $1,900. Drove 2,000 miles and visited six schools in one week. Lots of great feedback – attendees and professors were very inspired and excited. Brandon will share the article he is writing and video from the sessions. Dr. One (the drone) had an accident in TN. There is some damage. Currently, at the drone doctor – awaiting price of repair.
      7. Finance/Current financials (Chris) — Savings: $32,474.07; Checking: $13,999.35; Checking: $9,231.39. 


  • FSPA District 7 workshop planning (Koretzky) — Should SPJ Florida look to be more involved in this high school journalism conference. What can we do to be more awesome?


  • Jason is on a task force to restructure the national board of SPJ. He is developing a focus group to discuss how the board can improve – i.e. should it be less people? Phone meetings are on Nov. 17 and Dec. 1.  See our Slack channel and/or Jason for more information.



Reminder: If you have three meeting absences in a row, you can be omitted from the board.

Dori makes a motion to end the meeting. Abbi seconds it. All in favor; no opposes. Passes.

Minutes were approved at the Jan. 11 board meeting.

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