Aug. 21, 2009  

Minutes of August 14, 2009

A Board meeting was held during a conference call at 4 p.m, on Friday, Aug. 14.

Members present: Darcie Lunsford, Bill Hirschman, Ron Levitt, John Hopkins, Merwin Sigale, Sergy Odiduro, Sam Terilli, Alana Roberts, and Jaime Danielson. Sylvia Gurinsky gave her proxy to Lunsford. President Julie Kay — aware of this meeting — was traveling out of the country.

Darcie Lunsford called the meeting to order to discuss a blog written and produced by our Committee Chairman Michael Koretzky and its effect at both the national and local level.

The board reached a consensus not to speak out publicly as a chapter, despite the blog’s inflammatory title and offensive imagery.

The board then moved on to discuss business to be conducted at the upcoming national convention in Indianapolis (Aug. 27 -30).

After a discussion and – according to the by laws – the following action was taken:

1. John Hopkins moved and Sam Terilli seconded a motion — amended by Bill Hirschman — that “our board directs Darcie Lunsford to be our sole 2009 convention delegate with the power vested in her to vote all 3 votes allotted to the South Florida chapter.” Passed unanimously.

2. Sam Terilli moved and John Hopkins seconded a motion to direct Darcie Lunsford — as our delegate to the National convention in 2009 — to vote for candidate Jenn Rowell of the Alabama Professional Chapter or for any other opposition candidate worthy in Lunsford’s judgment to be Regional Director. Passed unanimously.

3. It was approved by unanimous voice vote that Terilli and Lunsford meet with Michael Koretzky to tell him of the decisions taken by the Board today.

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