Jan. 17, 2010  

Minutes of Jan. 9, 2010

Special Board Meeting to Approve Sponsorship of Two Upcoming Programs
January 9, 2010

  • Role called. All members except Julie Kay present.
  • FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: Brief explanation of Parachute Training by Michael Koretzky, which will be held at Florida Atlantic University on Feb. 20. Cost: $500. Make check payable to FAU. Darcie Lunsford plugged the event, saying it is a great move for the chapter.
  • ACTION: Lucy Reed motioned to approve. Jake Cline seconded. Vote taken by voice. Motion passed unanimously.
  • SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS: Brief explanation of SPJ’s Coming Out Party by Dori Zinn, which will be held at the Porterhouse in Boca on Jan. 28. Cost: $400 — $300 for food and the location, with $100 underwriting free admission for SPJ members to the Parachute Training at FAU on Feb. 20. Brief discussion about the location and costs. Lucy Reed was concerned that we are paying for food. She wanted to use all the money to provide scholarships for the Parachute Training event. The rest of the group decided that free food is important to motivate more people to come to the event, especially recent grads, freelancers and working journalists.
  • ACTION: Motion to approve made by Jason Parsley. It was seconded by Lisa Lucas. Vote taken by voice. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Lisa Lucas made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Sergy Odiduro. Vote taken by voice. All approved.

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