Aug. 1, 2007  

Minutes of July 31, 2007

Westin Hotel, Fort Lauderdale

Board members present: Darcie Lunsford, Julie Kay, Bill Hirschman, Sylvia Gurinsky, Sergy Tabuteau
Committee chairs present: Oline Cogdill (scholarship), Michael Koretzky (student affairs)

Darcie called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


• Oline distributed a revised scholarship report, with one major change: requesting $1,400 for the top three students, up from $1,000 last year. The total awarded for the year would be $8,950, comparable to last year’s total of $9,000.
Syvlia moves to accept the revised report, Julie seconds, passes unanimously.

• Darcie suggested buying each scholarship winner an SPJ student membership.
Bill moves to accept, Sylvia seconds, passes unanimously.

Topics raised for future discussion:
• Julie suggested writing a press release announcing the winners.
• Julie suggested inviting two scholarship winners to the banquet. Darcie suggested combing them and their families.
• Menu selection issues, including meat vs. chicken vs. vegetarian and final pricing.


• Julie suggested the Sheraton on Griffin Road, which she visited with Harris Meyer. The Empire Room is only available April 14. Darcie and Bill were concerned this was too early to turn around the awards, but suggested moving up entry deadlines (to the first week in February) to compensate.
Julie moves to accept the hotel and date and new deadline, Sergy seconds, passes unanimously

Topics raised for future discussion:
• Can music majors from local colleges save us money by playing the reception for free or cheaper?
• Oline offered the idea of a luncheon instead of dinner.
• Bill suggested studying whether “awards season” should affect our own date or not.


1. Koretzky updated the board on the results of the Ethics Hold’em poker tournament that was funded with a $600 national grant and a $600 local match.

2. Koretzky announced that the University of Miami will host a First Amendment Free Food Festival during the Fall 2007 semester, using a $1,000 grant from the national Louis Inglehart First Amendment Fund. Koretzky requested $250 as a matching grant.

Bill moves to grant $250, Sylvia seconds, passes unanimously

3. Koretzky announced that Broward New Times has written an $800 check for the third annual Short-and-Sweet Media Job Fair on March 1, and he requested $700 as a matching grant.

Sylvia moves to grant $700, Julie seconds, passes unanimously

Meeting adjourned 8:50 p.m.

— submitted by Michael Koretzky

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