Jul. 1, 2008  

Minutes of June 23, 2008

The meeting was called to order by with a quorum present: D Lunsford, J Kay, R Levitt, S Gurinsky, S Terilli, J George, T Dodson, M Koretzky, S Odiduro, and guests Billy Shields, Martha Sternberg, and Alana Roberts.

Tim Dodson gave a post mortem of the Sunshine State Awards dinner and said the financials were still being finalized. There were 120 people at the dinner.

D Lunsford expressed concern about lack of attendance and suggested we consider ways to enhance participation next year. There were several suggestions re more networking opportunities for the chapter which might stimulate greater participation.

A decision was made to take a survey in order to find out what we are doing right and what might need to be changed. Julie Kay, Jaime George and Tim Dodson agreed to survey for future input.

Julie Kay suggested we might want to consider a Chapter Administrator. Tim Dodson’s name was suggested and he agreed to consider what costs might be involved,

A motion was made by R Levitt, seconded by D Lunsford, to consider a proposal from Tim at a future board meeting.

Several programs were suggested, including one to discuss buyouts, layoffs, staff reductions and potential free lancing. The chapter agreed to host such a program over the summer.

The meeting closed at 9 p.m.

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