Oct. 14, 2010  

Minutes of Sept. 22, 2010

September 2010 Board of Directors Meeting

SPJ South Florida Pro Chapter

Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 7 p.m.

South Florida Business Journal

1. Roll Call

2. Approval of Minutes

ACTION: Lisa motions, Jason seconds. All in favor. Motion carries.

3. Committee Updates

Bylaws. Finalizing draft. Bill Hirschman had comments regarding Art. IV section VI; Article 5, section II – nominating committee is to provide a nominating slate 30 days prior to the election. Article III, section II – amending the bylaws. (Darcie) Do we need a two-step process to amend our bylaws? Vote to put the changes forth to the members; then members vote.

– Jason: Article V (actually VI), section 1: Sticking: “In addition, student members of the chapter may elect a non-voting member.” Changed to “The board, if they deem so, will elect a non-voting student member.” (Darcie)

– Darcie: (Article V, section I) What if a board doesn’t hold an election? The chapter votes for an election’s officer to hold an election. The old board would stay in place until the election is held. This allows members to appoint an unbiased election official (someone who is not running) to carry out the election according to the bylaws.

– Jason: When would the election be held?

– Darcie: It must be held before the beginning of the year (pending no emergencies or national disaster).

– Michele Boyet, Michael Koretzky and Darcie explained that this process is forcing the board to have an election if the board ignores the process of an election.

– Jason: How do we avoid the conflict of having multiple election officers?

– Darcie: It’s not hostile. It’s forcing an election. Adding: “Upon election of the new board, old terms expire immediately and new board is seated.” She went on to explain how they would be amended. Constitution says three weeks. The constitution and bylaws must match. “Articles may be amended by 2/3 of member majority in good standing….” Do we hold two meetings? We can vote at this meeting to put forth these bylaws to have the chapter members vote. We vote, disseminate this, allow people to weigh in via email. Tonight, board will vote to confer the bylaw amendments. Send former bylaws, new bylaws, and cheat sheet.

ACTION: The board picked a date for final approval of the bylaws, and also decided to hold an event on Oct. 21. $300 for food with a cash bar. Jason motions to showcase the bylaws to the membership. Lisa seconds. Jason motions to hold an event for the bylaws/nominating slate meeting with a $300 budget. All approved.


Will Write for Food recap (Michele Boyet)

We had 18 students who participated. We actually came up $500 under budget.

Journalists out Loud (Jake)

Event is Nov. 6. So far there are four submissions, but the deadline is Oct. 22 so there is still time. Will be at Design Within Reach next to Books ‘n Books in South Beach. Stories can be about anything. Free food, free event.

ACTION: Jason motions that the board pay $100 to have a videographer at the event. Lisa second. All vote. Motion carries.


Student Affairs/Scholarship.

Awards. Sunshine State Awards update (Dori)

Looked into what national uses for their awards (Mark of Excellence). Issues are time and prices. As of meeting, Tim had not gotten back to Lucy and Dori regarding if it is one-time fee/annual fee; and if it is something that can be done for promotion for our awards in Nov./Dec.

– Darcie and Michael will find out the status of the national awards progress at Vegas at national convention.

– Darcie: Re-organizing the awards subject matter. Lucy is writing up the changes that will be available to the board in terms of awards titles. Expanded the multimedia.

Professional Education.




– (Darcie) Ethics panel: Applied for a chapter program grant. Trying to close funding gap.



4. New Business

Elections 2010 – Darcie

– Want to start the election process and nominating slate.

Board meeting from 6-7 p.m. on Dec. 9., election at 7:30 p.m. Location pending. Broward-centric.

ACTION: Jason motions to approve $300 budget for our “annual meeting.” Jake seconds. All in favor. Motion carries.


– Darcie asked to board to think about what positions they plan to run for. Nominating committees not from this board. She suggested having one nominating chair instead of an entire committee.

– Nominating Committee appointments

– Schedule for 2011 officer/director elections

Chapter of the Year – Darcie

Group photo and event photos – Michael Koretzky

ACTION: Jason motions to adjourn the meeting. Lisa seconds. All in favor. Motion carries.

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