Oct. 19, 2009  

Minutes of September 22, 2009

Board members present: Julie Kay, Bill Hirschman, Sergy Tabuteau, Sylvia Gurinsky, Merwin Sigale
Committee members/others present: Dan Christensen, Michael Koretzky, Neil Reisner, Tim Dodson

President Julie Kay called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Dan Christensen described the plans for his new online news operation, www.browardbulldog.com.

Christensen: Organization will be a not for profit, on a volunteer basis only for now. Working with Joe Demma, former investigations editor at Sun Sentinel. Other board members include Kevin Boyd, Buddy Nevins, and Julie Kay. Looking for free office space now. Need to find people who can help us raise some money for the initial stake. Must be careful who we solicit.

Following the model of the Voice of San Diego. We need about $300,000. Nova may be interested in a partnership arrangement. Tom Julin has helped with setting up the organization. We have applied for tax exempt status.We’ve opened a bank account.

Plan to cover municipal stuff, county, courts, etc. No sports, few features. Staying away from what Sun Sentinel is covering. Initially we’re doing words and photos only; no multimedia yet. We expect to go live in October.

Hirschman: The chapter will assist with publicity in its e-newsletter. Chapter will consider a grant later.

Kay: Perhaps the chapter can offer a matching grant and challenge other local organizations.

Dan: Anyone interested in assisting can contact me at danchristensen2@gmail.com .

$26,038 in checking, $12,142 in savings, $32,571 in CD.

Kay: Want to do panel discussion on online news publications. To include Dan Christensen, the Coastal Star publisher, the Florida Health News publisher from Tampa. Perhaps someone from Knight Foundation. Perhaps within four weeks, in mid-late October. Need venue: a library, a university? Probably in Broward. Broward Main Library? Nice room on fifth floor.

No other program ideas were presented.

Gurinsky: need ideas for a local event. Possibilities include an online silent auction.

Kay: I still have some items saved that were previously donated. We could possibly do an auction at the Sunshine State Awards.

Koretzky: board needs to decide what it wants to do.

Discussion about criteria followed.

Koretzky: why not let’s stick to the current model: one high school, one community college, one university. $1,000 each. Hirschman moved as such, Gurinsky seconded. Passed unanimously.

Koretzky: did a presentation on this topic at the national convention. I want to do a similar presentation at local schools. Would incur AV/tech costs, though. Koretzky will look into cost of the chapter purchasing an LCD projector.

Hirschman moved to let Koretzky spend $250 on AV costs to visit area schools to make presentation media jobs. Tabuteau seconded. Passed unanimously.

Hirschman: This is a great event, but the timing (middle of the work day) is not good. Should be a Saturday or evening.

Gurinsky and Koretzky volunteered to serve on a committee to review the bylaws and make recommendations for updates. Tim will send an appeal for other volunteers.

Chapter needs a meeting in mid-late November in order to do elections. Tentative date of Thursday, November 19 was selected.

Hirschman: SPJ National’s recent email campaign regarding contacting senators about the Shield Law missed on several levels.

Hirschman: We freelancers no longer have access to Lexis Nexis. Could we create a loose cooperative to get the service? Koretzky: what about Journalists in Transition? Hirschman: I will discuss this with Stacey.

Gurinsky: Time to start planning for Sunshine State Awards.

Gurinsky: Still need to explore a Yahoo Group to keep email back-and-forth to a minimum.

There being no further business, Sigale moved to adjourn. Hirschman seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Dodson
Chapter Administrator

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