Mar. 10, 2019  

Presenting at CMA a Success

Board members of SPJ Florida, including VP of Programs Emily Bloch and Director Michele Boyet attended this year’s College Media Association convention in New York City, March 6-8.

While in the city, Bloch and Boyet served as two Apple Awards judges as well as mentors and judges for the second annual Iron Reporter competition.

Bloch and Boyet both served on a panel about women in media titled Women’s Work, which Bloch moderated. Other members of the panel included editors for companies like Teen Vogue and Modernize.

In addition, Bloch hosted another round of the Fake News Game Show for CMA participants.

While there, she ran into a student who brought the program to her university after participating in the game last year.

“In the last year, I had three opportunities to use the game for recruitment,” Bailey Morrison, a student at Framingham State University in Massachusetts said. “During my University’s homecoming weekend, our paper won $100 for ‘most creative’ organization activity! Many people loved the game and were impressed by the creativity of it. Thank you so much for letting us use your unique game!”

During this updated round of the Fake News Game Show, participants had to navigate through two rounds (plus a multi-round tiebreaker) of real and illegitimate news stories. The winners won Starbucks gift cards that they put right to work in the convention’s hosting hotel lobby.

Want to host your own round of the Fake News Game Show? Email us.

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