Apr. 15, 2019  

Say What?! Chapter Brings F**k Words With Friends to Lake Worth

SPJ Florida was honored to join a “seriously not-so-serious gathering” at the Book Cellar in Lake Worth, the inaugural event bringing out the community

SPJ Florida joined the fun at Say What?! with rounds of speed Scrabble, otherwise known as F**k Words With Friends. The game takes the traditional Scrabble game, but players were given only 15 seconds to think on their feet and come up with new words—much like journalists do on deadline.

After the nerve-wracking 15-minute battles, many stuck around to play the game old-school style at their own pace.

Contestants had just 15 seconds to make their turn.

“This was a great opportunity to meet with non-journalists to talk to them about what we do in media, as well as our chapter activities,” said SPJ Florida President Christiana Lilly. “Doing it while yelling as participants tried to create two-letter words made it more interesting!”

The evening also included a poetry reading by Flose Boursiquot, a Q&A with local charity Spreading Wisdom Amongst the Youth, book giveaways, and food and drink from the book store’s stall.

The event is a part of an ongoing relationship with the Palm Beach County Library System, which hosted the event. The chapter has already hosted a Fake News Game Show at the Wellington Branch Library, and has plans to do it again in Boca Raton. There are also plans to create a summer reading list and join a panel about media.

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