Simone Nelzi Wins 2017 Molly Turner Broadcast Scholarship

Congratulations to the winner of our inaugural Molly Turner Broadcast Scholarship, Simone Nelzi!

In honor of the late Molly Turner, known as the “first lady of South Florida news,” Turner was the first female reporter and anchor in South Florida. After her passing in 2016, SPJ Florida partnered with Turner’s family to recognize up-and-coming women in broadcast. Nelzi, a 20 year-old at Florida Gulf Coast University, was hand-picked as the scholarship’s first winner.

“A scholarship is awarded with great hope and expectations.  The talent and composure Simone conveyed in her video clips was remarkable for its clarity and compassion,” said Lyle Landon, Turner’s daughter.

“She builds trust from the very first frame because she respects herself and those being interviewed, which tells the viewing audience she respects them too.  Simone is convinced that this story being revealed can inform and inspire the audience, just as it is informing and inspiring her. She elevates the experience for all – that’s transformational journalism – which is what my mother, Molly Turner, practiced.  I have every confidence that Simone will meet our expectations as a great journalist and I am happy and proud that Simone Nelzi has been selected as the first recipient of the Molly Turner Broadcast Scholarship.”


What drew you to journalism? 

Journalism is the one thing that felt right and came natural to me. Being able to reach and inspire others through my work is what drew me to journalism.

Tell us about a project you’ve worked on that you’re especially proud of. 

Becoming a founding member of Eagle Radio and Eagle Media at my school is what I’m most proud of. I am the first general manager of Eagle Radio at Florida Gulf Coast University. Being able to inspire and pave the way for so many young journalists makes me proud.

What is your dream job? 

My dream job is to have my own talk show specifically designed to lead, encourage and inspire women to make a difference and do what makes them happy. I want to be a voice for women across the country.

What difference do you hope to make as a broadcaster? 

As a broadcaster, I hope to inspire others through my work while paving the way for future generations.