Apr. 18, 2010  

Special Meeting Notes – April 14, 2010

Special Vote to Approve the Location of the Sunshine State Awards Banquet
April 14, 2010

As a follow up to the April 6 board meeting, Chapter Administrator Tim Dodson recommended we hold this year’s Sunshine State Awards banquet at the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood. He met with the Culture Center’s events manager, who offered a discounted rental rate of $860. This is 20 percent less than what our chapter paid to hold the event there last year. They are holding June 5 open for our event. Tim suggested that the board vote by email to approve the venue so he could sign the rental contract.

Chapter President Darcie Lunsford emailed the board, requesting an immediate vote by email to approve the venue. The motion passed 9-0 with Directors Lucy Reed and Paola Iuspa-Abbott not voting.

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