Mar. 25, 2013  

SPJ-FIU Launches Photo Competition

Use your camera to tell the story of this generation through images. What is different and unique about it? Use your imagination and creativity, but remember to stick to facts and real moments.  This is about photojournalism.


  •  The national competition is open for SPJ members only
  • SPJ members from anywhere in the United States can enter the competition
  • SPJ-FIU will give two first place prizes: one for a South Florida winner and another for a national winner
  • If you live in South Florida, you are automatically signed up for the South Florida competition
  • If you live outside South Florida, you are automatically signed up to the national competition
  • You can enter only one photo

Remember,  your photo must capture a real moment. Posed and arranged photos featuring models will be eliminated. All photos must have a caption with an explanation of what’s happening in the moment. You are allowed to feature your photos on SPJ-FIU Facebook page, but only photos submitted by e-mail will enter the competition.

How to participate?

  • E-mail your photo in a .JPG format up to 3 MB to
  • Send a Word doc attachment with your full name, phone number, address, e-mail, your SPJ chapter and member ID number and college and major if you are a student.  Include your caption in the same Word document
  • Save your Word doc and photo file as “YourName_PhotoTitle” (without quotes)
  • The subject of your email should be “SPJ-FIU Photojournalism”

Deadline: April 7, 2013

For the rules, prizes and tips on how to make your best entry, click here.

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