Apr. 21, 2017  

SPJ Florida condemns FAU for halting editor-in-chief from doing job

The new editor-in-chief for Florida Atlantic University’s student-run newspaper, the University Press, has been denied his job simply for saying he would do his job.

Joe Pye — a senior at FAU who could’ve graduated this semester, but instead decided to take more classes just to be the UP’s editor — was unanimously voted in to serve as editor by the paper’s staff and the Student Media Advisory Board earlier this month.

This week, however, the student government senate denied his appointment at a confirmation hearing.

Michael Koretzky, SPJ Region 3 director and the volunteer adviser for the UP, notes that in the decade since this confirmation hearing has been established, no editor has not been confirmed. But it was a question Pye answered during the hearing that caused the denial of his job.

Pye was asked what he planned to do as the editor, and told the committee of seven senators: “keep watch over all you guys.” He lost the hearing 5-2.

SPJ Florida President Dori Zinn — an FAU and UP alum — condemns the denial.

“As an FAU alum, I’m embarrassed. As a journalist, I’m disgusted,” Zinn says. “To deny a journalist the very right to do their job because they answered a question that they would do their job is upsetting and unsettling. It’s a hindrance on our basic First Amendment rights.”

Pye says he’ll comply with the appeals process, which means he will first file a petition with the student court to request a hearing. While doing so, he’ll document everything through the very medium he runs: the student newspaper. He says other writers on staff will still report and cover student government as the paper has always done while he will stick to editorials on the process.

Zinn is interested to see how FAU plans to hold back a student from simply doing the work they have applied to do and been approved to do.

“I am in utter disbelief that there are so many hurdles in place for a journalist to jump over just to let them do their job,” she says. “I very much look forward to seeing how FAU will defend such horrific limitations on student media and free press.”


  • Clint Streicher says:

    This is an irresponsible reporting of a situation SPJ obviously knows nothing about. He wasn’t confirmed because when asked about the lack of availability of the University Press by the students of a satellite campus in Dania Beach, his response was “not my problem.” The Editor in chief hopeful showed a blatant disregard for students on satellite campus’ whose tuition helps fund University Press. Get your facts straight if you are going to report on this issue you have nothing to do with.

    • Joe Pye says:

      Never said, “not my problem.” I still have a recording of the meeting and that phrase was never uttered. Nice try, though. By the way, FAU’s student government no longer confirms the editor. You should check your own facts, Clint.

  • Clint Streicher says:

    I want my comment published or I am spending the money to run this as an ad on Facebook for everyone to see that the SPJ, who is all about first amendment rights, is not allowing a comment to be published on an article that is questioning the validity of their story. Make up your mind, ad goes live Friday after graduation.

    • Joe Pye says:

      Again, you are a rocket scientist. The Society of Professional Journalists would never stifle the free speech of its readers — even if they’re inaccurate.

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