May. 10, 2016  

SPJ Florida Donates to Poynter’s “40 Better Hours”

40 better hours poynter

Journalists have it rough. Being a newspaper reporter is the worst job ever and with budget cuts, developing media, and the race to be first, journalists aren’t doing so hot nowadays.

That’s why Poynter is working to alleviate some of that anxiety in your newsroom. With the 40 Better Hours project, Poynter is hoping to better workflow, communication issues, and workplace culture with small but meaningful improvements. And SPJ Florida is supporting its mission with a $250 donation. We’re challenging other chapters across the United States and SPJ National to donate to this worthy cause.

“Journalists, both current and aspiring ones, need resources like the ones Poynter is offering,” SPJ Florida President Dori Zinn said. “Sometimes being a better journalist involves little steps in being a better employee and overall, a better human.”

Sometimes our biggest setbacks aren’t just sources not returning calls or costly public records requests. Sometimes challenges are little things that make a big difference, like changing newsrooms, continuing education, and best practices.

“My hope is that other SPJ chapters and journalism organizations realize the value that Poynter is offering journalists with 40 Better Hours,” Zinn said. “This is such an amazing opportunity to give journalists the meaningful tools they need for success.”

Donate to 40 Better Hours.

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