SPJ Florida App


When you join the award-winning Florida chapter, you can get our Florida Records and Meetings Law App for free. This app puts chapters 199 and 286 of Florida Statutes on your iPhone, where you can search for keywords and create your own quick-list of sections you need. No more fumbling through a book or navigating various websites. (Sorry, Android users, we don’t have the money, time, or skill to port this thing to your platform.) Imagine you’re heading into a meeting where you expect officials will try to close it illegally. Now you can whip out your iPhone and easily quote them the relevant statute – or even show it to them. Ditto with requesting public records from recalcitrant clerks. To learn more, email Michael Koretzky. And here’s how the app looks in action – not the most exciting app ever, but when you need it, you’ll appreciate it…

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