“Will Work for Food” at the Region 3 Convention

"Will Work for Food" was the unconventional name given to one of the most successful elements of this year's SPJ Region 3 Convention. On the evening of Saturday, April 4th, a group of 50 convention attendees took control of the Homeless Voice newspaper. They wrote, edited, shot, and designed a special issue of the paper...

SPJ Region 3 Convention – An Unconventional Success

What's "fair use," and when can I use a photo from MySpace in a story? How much emphasis should I put on certain words when I report on camera? Do I have enough experience listed on my resume? What's it like to be a journalist in countries that deny civil liberties? These questions and many, many more were answered at this year's Society of Professional Journalist's Region 3 Convention...

UNCONVENTIONAL ’09: SPJ’s Region 3 Convention

The SPJ South Florida and the Florida College Press Association are hosting this year's Region 3 Convention, and it is sure to be an unconventional affair. Join us April 3rd & 4th in Hollywood, Florida. The cost is $40, but the experience will be -- as the commercial says -- PRICELESS.