SPJ Florida board: Allow journalists access to public meetings

SPJ Florida is joining with the First Amendment Foundation in calling for council members in a South Florida city to allow journalists to attend public meetings. 

Say What?! Chapter Brings F**k Words With Friends to Lake Worth

SPJ Florida was honored to join a “seriously not-so-serious gathering” at the Book Cellar in Lake Worth, the inaugural event bringing out the community SPJ Florida joined the fun at Say What?!

SPJ’s ‘Will Write For Food’ This Weekend in Hollywood

While most college students will take off to the beach this three-day weekend, 23 college journalists will spend it with SPJ South Florida in a homeless shelter.

SPJ Names New Executive Director

This is a SPJ press release issued September 21, 1009 INDIANAPOLIS – The Society of Professional Journalists hired Interim Co-Executive Director Joe Skeel as its permanent Executive Director today.

Essay: Some Patterns In The Chaos

Chaos is indeed journalism’s lot, as Professor Shirky observes. However, some salient trends are visible, and there is no harm in extrapolating from them — not to predict the future, but to help us prepare for what Herman Kahn called “surprise-free scenarios.” 

SPJ Executive Director Terry Harper Dies

AUTHORED BY: DAVE AEIKENS, SPJ PRESIDENT INDIANAPOLIS ­– The Society of Professional Journalists is saddened to announce the passing of Executive Director Terry Harper, who died today after a two-year struggle with brain cancer.