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Minutes of March 16, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Julie Kay at 7:15 PM at Nakorn Sushi & Thai in Hollywood, Florida.

Support Groups for Displaced Journalists

The South Florida Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will be organizing a series of support groups for laid-off or bought-out journalists. One group will meet Tuesday, March 14th at 7 PM a John Martin's Restaurant at 253 Miracle Mile, Miami. Another group will meet Wednesday, March 25th at 7 PM at the Starbucks at 3305 Sheridan Street, Hollywood.

Support Group for Displaced Journalists

As the president of the South Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, I didn’t want to stay silent on the issue of the layoffs that have devastated our industry. We at SPJ want to say how sorry we are to all of you who lost your jobs recently and in past months. We are starting a support group for displaced (laid off-bought out) journalists, and possibly an email listserve. Somewhere we can all share information about job leads, freelancing, health insurance, financial tips, and yes, feelings. We may have guest experts stop by, such as financial planner Laura Walsh. That's up to you. I am tentatively...