Feb. 23, 2022  

Tips for Managing Money as a Freelance Journalist

When you’re a freelance journalist, you sometimes don’t know when your next paycheck is coming in.

That’s why budgeting, predicting and managing your cash flow are crucial to stay afloat as a freelancer. SPJ Florida talked to Sean Lyden, CEO of Lyden Communications, LLC about strategies to do just that. He began freelancing in 1997 and now runs his own consulting firm helping businesses grow through storytelling.

In the video below, he explains how you can keep track of your expenses, organize your budget and make your cash flow more consistent.

“If you’re a freelance journalist, you’ve got to be more than a great writer or a great storyteller,” Lyden said. “You’ve got to be a salesperson … that’s what helps with the income side of your cash flow equation.”

Watch the full video here:

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